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Seeing a woman ride a bike not only grabs eyeballs but also makes heads turn (with some muted comments, both positive and negative). Biking is often considered a male dominated sport. Women—mostly considered as better pillions—are often expected to take the back seat and not gear through. However, times are changing

Farmer and a Future Doctor, Eveangelin doesn’t consider 
biking a male dominated sport and believes it’s only 
a matter of opportunities.Fondly known as the T&K rider, Eveangelin Steavlopz was 19 when she started 
riding and since then, she has been quashing patriarchal myths 
one ride at a time. Currently she has completed five trips with 
her favourite being the one with her Husband . 

She says riding is all about unity and passion, and recommends following senior riders if one is riding for the first time., she says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover, because passion doesn’t discriminate between gender and doesn’t draw boundaries.”Despite the initial backlash from certain relatives, Eveangelin has always had the support of her parents


Super Women Award
Bike Rider 2022

Womania Award : Women Dj and Biker of the Year 2022

Women Power TamilNadu 2021 ( Best Women Entrepreneur)

Asia Book of Record in 2021

Elite World Record in 2021

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golg leaf_edited.png

Hosted Show as a One Day RJ in Women's Day Special in Radio City 91.1 FM


and Suryan FM 93.5 in 2019

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